Unfortunately, we are not taking new members at the moment, so we have disabled our registration. While all current memberships remain active, we need to pause the signup for a while. We are focusing on improving our service for current members and therefore can’t accept new ones at this moment. We apologize for issues this may rise.

We are getting popular, aren’t we? We started out with only few members and now getting hundreds of applications daily. We need to take a break to improve the resources of our servers and service. We are quite limited by staff and server resources so it takes us some time to get on to it. Once we have developed faster systems for our web platform, we will surely open the registration again and also inform our readers about this.

Anyway, what is it that we have done for our current members at this point. The user interface has been done a lot better and faster. The games we add here are being updated continuously, and also picked among all the games online. Gun Games Online is getting more and more popular and we thank our users for this.

Contact us for further information.