Gun games fall into the action game category. Players who want to be good in gun games online, usually need to be quick and react fast. Like the name of this genre says, the player has usually a gun or a similar kind of weapon to shoot. Generally, the player has limited health in the game and need to kill opponents without dying himself. Such video games are often called to be too violent and it has even been questioned if kids should play these kinds of games. So far there hasn’t been done anything to stop kids from playing shooting games.

What makes gun games online more interesting, is the character the player is given. It makes possible for gamers to choose their favourite super heroes for example, or just dive into the virtual world they are really fond of. The style and view of a video game can differ greatly and there are several different types.

Types of Shooting Games

First-person shooter means that player will see the camera from its own perspective like it would be in reality. Third-person shooter, however has the camera follow the player and often the person playing can control this camera view. Not so often games have a fixed camera like in 2D overhead shootouts. Tactical shooters make gun games more real by having lifelike damage done to the character. One of those games is Rainbow Six.

Number of Players

Most popular type of shooting games online is the player going through the level alone. This means there’s only one character in game. However, gun games can have a multiplayer version which means there’s now going to be more characters. The co-op mode means players are out there shooting against enemies that are controlled by the console. Individual mode is the type where players are shooting against each other. This is often called a death match.


As you can see, online gun games can vary a lot. The whole gaming industry really is huge and there are games for everyone. Some games can be played only online while others can be installed on your hard drive. Online gun games need Internet connection obviously, which should be as fast and stable as possible. Games installed on your PC often have system requirements you need to be aware of. It can require a good processor, graphics card, memory and more.